Exciting news!!


Check out our Virtual Summer Reading Program!


Thank you to the sponsors of North Versailles Public Library’s 2021 Summer Reading Program: Tails and Tales!

Virtual Programming Information

Click here for our June 2021 and click here for our July 2021 virtual program calendar and for links to our virtual programming!



Book Bundles!

North Versailles is happy to announce that we are offering book bundles for families and a request form for adults looking for new materials!

The library is hoping to help readers to gather some new materials to enjoy at home!
If you fill out this Children’s Book Bundle Form, we can gather a book bundle for you with titles that we think your family would enjoy. You do not need to know specific titles of books- you provide ages and interests, and we will find matches for you. 
If you fill out this Adult Book Request Form, we can gather a title/titles for adults based on the information that you provide in the form.
Once we have put your bundle together, we will contact you at the phone number you provide on the form to schedule a time for you to pick up the books.
If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the library at (412) 823-2222 or email nversailles@einetwork.net.
Thank you!

Library Schedule

Hello!  This is the library schedule for scheduling times to pick up materials and prints.  More information about how to print is located beneath the schedule.  If you need recommendations for titles to borrow, please ask!

If you need anything, please call (412) 823-2222 and leave a message or email nversailles@einetwork.net.

Thank you for all of your support!  We are thankful to be your library!

Library Schedule        (*Schedule and procedures are subject to change.)

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
CLOSED Pick Up 9-4 Pick Up 9-4 Pick Up 9-4 Pick Up 9-4 Pick Up 9-4 Pick Up 9-4

North Versailles Printing- Pick Up Only 

Do you need to print something?  Follow these steps!
1. Send the document that you need to print to: nversailles@einetwork.net 

2. Call the library at (412) 823-2222 to schedule an appointment for pick up.

3. Your document will be placed in an envelope with your name on it.

4.  Pick up your envelope on the picnic table outside the library used for curbside pick up of materials. (When facing the library, the tables are to the right of the ramp into the library).

5. Please consider placing a donation in the donation jar on the tables. 

Please contact us with any questions or concerns!
Library (412) 823-2222
Email: nversailles@einetwork.net 


If you are looking for reputable sources containing information about COVID-19, the following is a list of links that contain information on a county to world wide scale.