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Special Holiday Cooking Corner-Ranch Oyster Crackers!


Kids Cooking Corner! Banana Snowman

Standing Snowman STEAM Craft!

Virtual STEAM Kids Cooking Corner- Frozen Snow Cap Punch!

Virtual STEAM Snowflake Craft❄️



Virtual Programming Information

Click here for our January 2022 virtual program calendar!




Directions for Curbside Printing


1. Send the document that you need to print to: nversailles@einetwork.net 

2. Call the library at (412) 823-2222 to schedule an appointment for pick-up..

3.  Pick up your prints outside the library. They will be in a container inside of the plastic box used for curbside pick-up, located by the front door.

4. Prints are $0.25 for black and white, and $0.50 for color, per page. 

Library (412) 823-2222
Email: nversailles@einetwork.net 



If you are looking for reputable sources containing information about COVID-19, the following is a list of links that contain information on a county to world wide scale.








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